Friday, 13 April 2007

Thalassa from the west

Here is a photo of Thalassa taken yesterday, while I was out training for the Belfast Marathon. The photo is taken from the west, from across Strickland's Bay [I prefer this name to the 'Smelt Mill Bay' which appears on the map and 'West Bay' which I have sometimes heard].
Click on the pic to obtain the large image. And see the Impala Publications blog.

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lilypad said...

Oh wow! I've spent the evening looking for information on this very house and I'm very excited to read all of what you have found out about it (After some endless googling I found your Impala blog)! Having come home for the summer I noticed the house on a walk and ventured up to take a look- I'm surprised I never noticed it before. As a Classicist myself you can imagine how delighted I was to learn its name! Its a shame to hear it is being demolished soon though. Do you know how long its been standing empty for?
Thanks again for your interesting reports on it!