Saturday, 3 February 2007

'The Lords of Avaris'- a progress report

I'm now part-way through David Rohl's latest book, 'The Lords of Avaris: Uncovering the Legendary Origins of Western Civilisation', just published. See -

The books has 19 chapters and 524 pages. I have just started Chapter 8 whose opening paragraph reads -

'By now you will no doubt have the impression that a good deal of travelling has been necessary in order to piece together all the evidence for this story of the origins of Western Civilisation - and we are hardly a third of the way through our adventure. so far we have sailed up and down the Nile, scrambled across the fields of the Egyptian delta, esplored the ruins of Phoenician Byblos, and tramped the sculpture galleries of museums in London, Cairo and Turin. Later we will be wandering the Minoan palaces of Crete, climbing the cyplopean walls of the Mycenaean strongholds of the Peloponnese, exploring the landscape of the Trojan War, travelling the length and breadth of Anatolia (Turkey) and getting lost amonst the rolling hills of Eturia/Tuscany.'

Magical stuff!

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Cami said...

Hi everyone, here is a brief update:

David Rohl's special TV program 'Pharaohs & Kings: A Biblical Quest' was remastered & re-released last September, and there are now very few copies
Folks have been asking me for 2 years when these would be released. There are NO plans to continue to reorder at this point.
(Also, if you order one of these DVDs, there is a special 3rd DVD
available- just write to me and ask me about it!)
You can order both 'Pharaohs & Kings' and the David Rohl seminar which was shot in Florida ('Myth or Reality') here:
David Rohl video SAMPLES in the center of the page:
-Cami McCraw