Sunday, 4 February 2007


Our church has a new member of staff. His name is Sandi and Sandi comes from South Africa. He will be working with us for 8 months.

A little time ago the ruling Kirk Session (of Elders) decided that it wanted to employ a 'gap year' student. It advertised locally, and then in England with no result. Finally Sandi's application came in from South Africa!

Sandi became a Christian at the age of 20. He is now in his late 20s and has spent three years serving on the Doulos, the ship owned by Operation Mobilisation.

Sandi is from Cape Province, and Cape Town in particular. His native language is Xhosa. Xhosa is a click language and the 'Xh' of Xhosa is itself a click. I hope Sandi has taught me how to master it. It seems to be produced by a rapid opening of the glottis.

Since his arrival, Sandi has charmed all. His spoken English is good. We shall have to see what God has planned for his future.

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